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Holiday fireplace mantels & hearths that POP

With Thanksgiving behind us, it's time to get into that end of year holiday spirit! Whether it's Christmas you celebrate, Hanukkah, or any of the other holidays the World celebrates in the month of December - decorating our homes is a tradition dating back to Roman times.

We will focus on Christmas decor in this post.

Hanging Stockings by the Chimney with care

This tradition, dating back to 1823 from a poem 'A visit from St. Nicholas' , is one of the most simple and delightful ways to add a festive pop to your fireplace mantel. Folklore says St. Nicholas was staying with a poor family - the father had 3 daughters he was going to sell into prostitution to save them all from starvation. St. N wanted to help, but knew he had to keep it a secret so he went out, got some tiny bags of gold and threw it inside a window. One bag landed inside a stocking hung by the fire drying. In the morning, the family was overjoyed to find the gold - saving them from a terrible fate. Today, Christmas stockings are the most popular and simple way to spruce up a fireplace - allowing for personalization that makes loved ones feel special during the holiday.

Garland says 'vintage' holiday cheer

Adding greenery, imitation or real, to your fireplace mantel and hearth brings a natural, rustic feel to a home during the holidays. Other popular naturals include cypress, holly berries, clementines, boxwood and cedar. Countless inspirations can be found on popular sites like Pinterest and Southern Living Magazine. Poinsettias are wildly popular festive decorations that can add rich natural beauty by simply placing a few potted plants at your fireplace hearth. They are mildly toxic to dogs though - so use care if you have furry companions!

Festive hearths are IN

From traditional nativity scenes to large candles in wrought iron terrariums, vast options exist to dress up your fireplace's stone hearth. Many with smaller spaces or those who might be traveling during the holidays and don't want to decorate a tree, can deck out their fireplace hearth and mantel as the focal point of their year-end decoration.

Regardless of your choice in holiday decor, our homes are our havens of comfort and leisure. Life can be hectic and stressful, especially in the hustle & bustle of December, so remember to always take the time to revel in what makes your heart happy and adds an extra sparkle to your life.

Veteran-owned Vose Natural Stone has completed countless fireplace hearths and surrounds throughout our 23 years in business. From all natural soapstone to the elegance of marble and timeless, scratch-free granite - our professionals offer a seamless selection and install experience whether you have a simple fireplace or elaborate centerpiece. We offer beautiful kitchen & bathroom tops of every style and budget as well.

Contact us directly at 919.609.5206 or if you live in the greater Triangle, NC area. We look forward to hearing from you!

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