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Top Countertop Trends for 2024

Updated: Jan 3

A new year brings new goals and priorities to our lives, and home improvement is an excellent way to not only add value to your property, but deliver a sense of well being and peace to your sanctuary. With that in mind, here's a look at what is in and OUT in countertops for the coming year.

1. Nature's beautiful influence

We are all made of the stuff of Earth, so it's no surprise, say experts, that today's countertop selections and design will be influenced by our natural surroundings. Think warm undertones, unique marbling effects, and colors seen in your favorite crystals. (Amethyst, I'm talking to you).

More natural and textured finishes, like 'leathered' is also on trend, replacing the high maintenance polished look. (difficult to keep free of fingerprints!) This softer look is also highly durable to scratches and heat.

2. Sintered stone

Popular brands include Dekton and Neolith. Sintered stone is not naturally occurring, it's manufactured by a combination of granite or other natural stone, along with glass and natural oxides. It is also virtually indestructible to scratches, heat and everyday wear and tear.

It offers a wide variety of colors and looks. It's gaining massive popularity in use as an accent wall and as a replacement for tile backsplashes in kitchens.

3. Mixed materials

Gone are the days of basic and plain in home improvement, and countertops are no exception. Depending on taste, many homeowners and builders are opting for a mixture of natural stone with wood, or even sleek metal, creating visual appeal and dimension to the space.

4. Color leads the way

That all white or black kitchen? It's over, says experts. People are craving more color in their spaces, bringing bold & unconventional into the spotlight. Today's stone options offer virtually any color palette and budget. Have fun with it!

Whatever changes you're considering, Vose Natural Stone has you covered. We specialize in the sale and install of all natural and manufactured stone, and also offer and install wood and stainless steel.

We serve the greater Triangle of North Carolina as well as select coastal areas. Quotes and consultation are always complimentary. Give Tonia a call at 919.609.5206 today!

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