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Floating bath vanity inspiration

With today's mortgage interest rates hovering around 8%, more homeowners than ever are investing in home remodeling projects to improve the use and comfort of their existing abode. And bathrooms are no exception. after all, we use them every day!

What is a floating vanity? Well, just like it sounds. The vanity appears to hover, affixed to the wall vs. running all the way down to the floor. Full length vanities are of course still very much in style. But for a more dramatic, contemporary look, floating vanities are just the ticket.

Floating vanity benefits
  1. Makes the room appear larger. Even a little bit of exposed floor beneath a floating vanity provides a more spacious feel.

  2. A cleaner, polished look.

  3. Diverse options to match personal style. They work in any design plan.

  4. Individual height requirements can be easily accommodated.

Bonus: You can store your slippers beneath your floating vanity for easy access.

When it comes to selecting what stone to consider, the options are vast. It all comes down to personal style and budget. Many choose maintenance free Quartz while others still opt for the natural beauty granite or marble offer.

Vose Natural Stone partners with many talented and dependable contractors that can help you make your bathroom dreams come true. We get involved once the vanity has been installed to fit, cut and install your selected stone. We offer basic sinks with our packages - or - you can opt to pick your own specialty sink at Build by Ferguson.

If you are in the greater Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill or coastal NC areas, reach out to us at or text 919.609.5206.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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