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Using Today's AI to Visualize Dream Home Renovations

2023's explosive growth of Artificial Intelligence, ushered along by massive growth in machine learning capabilities, has captured the World by storm. It can feel daunting, for some downright intimidating. Whether you are someone who avoids AI like the plague or use all available leisure time to discover everything possible, it's safe to say - quantum computing technologies are here to stay.

So what do home renovations have to do with AI? Turns out, plenty. In fact, there's even a term that's been coined: virtual renovation. This describes the newfound ability to visualize any space using just words entered into one of the many online tools available which then spits out images based on the entered description.

Initially this type of technology was only available for those large entities able to pay for a robust platform. Now, anyone with a computer or smartphone and for some of the more advanced tools, a few bucks, can delve into home design and imagine their next kitchen or bath remodel with one of the many tools available to the general public.

There are a plethora of tools out there, some very pricy.

Here are a couple free and low-cost options:

Allows you to upload a photo of your space and choose different finishes, materials and colors. It is free but allows for only 15 free images per month. Great for a one off project.

Produces design inspiration again, based on a photo. Their limit is 5 generations per month with a pro version offered at 8.99 per month for unlimited.


A simple tool that requires no upload of photos and is just plain fun to start imagining home remodeling ideas is the easily accessible BING AI generator. It won't provide a rendition of your own personal room, but with enough description it can quickly and easily give you ideas based on your color and material preferences, as well as style and size. It's also 100% free with no restrictions. Just an email address/account is required. It's also FUN!

Here are a few BING AI generated examples:

There are also useful tools such as Renotag to help determine the cost of specific home renovations based on where in the Country you live, what room you wish to remodel and which types of renovations you wish to consider. However, it would appear the primary objective of this tool is to match you with a contractor (likely paying for this partnership) in your specific geographical area.

At Vose Natural Stone, we believe personal recommendations and referrals tend to be the most reliable and trustworthy way to find a reputable home remodeling contractor. We have several home remodeling and home building partners throughout the greater Triangle area of North Carolina who we've worked with over many years.

Whether you utilize AI to dream up your next home remodel or have inspiration photos that visualize your desired look, Vose Natural Stone, along with our long time partners are here to help bring your most ambitious home remodeling projects to reality.

Contact our home improvement consultant Tonia Zampieri at 919.609.5206 or when you are ready to switch up the look of your kitchen, bathroom or fireplace hearth/mantle. We look forward to serving you!

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